Wow Events is one of the greatest and most experienced event partners within the Nordic countries. We have been on the market for more than 20 years (aka Bodén & Co) with clients within B2B, B2C, internal leadership meetings as well as external sales events.

Wow Events are well represented in the Nordic countries with offices in major cities, by ourselves or through partnerships with well-established event experts.

When representing a client with interests in more than one country, Wow Events has the ability to put together a work group accurately adjusted to the clients target groups, strategies and objectives. All in line with the cultural demands of deeper knowledge and adaptation.

As owned by and part of the communication enterprise Intellecta AB, Wow Events also maintains close working relationships with its sister companies, sustaining of front edge competence within every discipline of communication such as digital expertise, brand strategy, motion media and advertising.

And this is where you’ll find us:

Wow Stockholm, Sweden
Wow Öresund, Sweden
Wow Oslo, Norway
Wow Copenhagen, Denmark