Posted on Jan 22, 2015

Unexpected Connections


We create Wow-moments through achieving the most Unexpected Connections possible. You could say it’s a passion. We say it’s our way of work.

What are the Unexpected Connections really, and how do we find that Wow factor?

The simple yet brilliant recipe is that we fuse things such as people and ideas, strategies and emotions, flexibility and structure and digital and physical landscapes. By mixing these factors in an innovative and productive environment, we open up for new horizons of thought, we invoke new perspectives and we enable us to find the Unexpected Connections. The result is an extraordinary event – a vibrant energy is released that touches audiences – they feel the brand, embrace it, live it. People are impacted and converted. The Wow factor is just this – the creation of an experience that is so persuasive and captivating that it creates brand loyalists.